10 Things from the Pockets of a Downtown Gang Member

10 Dinge zum 10.

  1. a single sugarlump imprinted with a little devl in red and black, individually sealed in plastic
  2. a handfull (four) homemade hollow point bullets of questionable quality, modified from regular 5mm CAF ammunition
  3. a condom of the Demon Seed soft company brand
  4. a flyer for a fighting event at 2by4 Club
  5. a business card of an unnamed solicitor specialising in copyright law
  6. a counterfeit Burn lighter
  7. a prepaid card for a standard heating unit
  8. a badly scratched Reality Overlay monocle with a red spiral chippylink cable
  9. a slug disc labelled DttO DEMOTAPE 1. Death to the Ops, 2. Shiver Shiver, 3. Punch It Girl
  10. a piece of colourful string with seven knots equally spaced along it

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