Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – Skyglazer the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Skyglazer the Sun, Moon, and Stars
In time for the festive season, Skyglazer not only presents their new Reality Overlay eyepatch but releases it in a strictly limited design that will cease production and be pulled from stores at the end of the season. A large monocular strapless patch covering the eye and brow as well as parts of the temple and cheek. The centre portion is a one-way transparent lense with the remainder being completely opaque. The limited edition covers the outside with a highly stylised design depicting a clear sky and either the sun, a half moon, or a field of stars. It is fully contour flexible and afixed with non-irritant anti-allergic adhesive contact points which do not require renewal. Three movable dual chippy ports are included along the rim of the patch. On the technical side, the main innovation is the inclusion of a dedicated colour codex controller for tracking and adjusting to the movement of up to four independent pupils or focus points dramatically increasing compatibility and usability with advanced polyocular visual systems. Internal power is sufficient for 5,000 hours. The limited Sun, Moon, and Stars edition of the otherwise yet nameless Skyglazer patch is available at 12c during this season only.

Sun on my face, stars in your eyes.

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