Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – The Jitter

The Jitter
The Jitter is its own eponymous label as well as a long thin scarf woven from tough biogenetic silk fabric covered in segments of arthropod exoskeleton of various sizes, lending a texture and a play of colour to the scarves that is absolutely unique to the Jitter as such and to each individual sample. As seen when the Jitter was spotted for the first time late last week on veteran mechanics operative and former Alien Sex Channel model R’d Sn’d’r and on Ikebana native Contract Killer Tracy Hashimoto for the debut of her Power Prevails tour, where she wore the scarf over her customized PP Crackshot, it is recommended to be worn with protective clothing, armour or on resistant skin. Official retail price for The Jitter is 23c – if you are quick enough to get hold of one.

Crawling on my skin.

Game Use:

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