Ripple Graft – a new Vevaphon implant for SLA Industries

Ripple Graft

A next generation cellular upgrade for the Doppelganger Institute’s biogenetic polymorphs, Ripple Grafts further enhance Vevaphons’ phenomenal abilities to change their bodies and create ever more stunning visual and tactile displays with them.

A Ripple Graft adds a number of specialist cyclic contraction smooth muscles cells to a Vevaphon’s matrix, allowing the polymorph to create at will and subsequently maintain without continuous conscious effort cosmetic ripple and oscillation effects across all or parts of their soft surface tissues.

Priced at 150c, a Ripple Graft comes as a 500ml cellular suspension that can be self-applied by a Vevaphon. A single treatment is good for six months although major losses of body mass may reduce this timespan as the specialist cells do not regenerate.

Game Effects:

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