a|state for Careerists – a short note on a potential conversion

While writing yesterday’s rivalry with its two characters defined by their iconic a|state careers, I could not help but think whether a rules system more focused on that (career) aspect, at least in character creation, would not be an interesting choice for a|state.

My very first thought was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (or its derivate Zweihänder), but any of the versions of Mutant Chronicles (either the original two editions or it’s current 2d20 incarnation) or Synergy/Blue Planet v2 (or revised) would also fit the bill (as would a number of other systems , of course, but those “three” are the ones I considered first).

Actually converting a|state would be no easy task, but it might be worthwhile. If something should come of this, I will report back.

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