Seventh Sun versus Secret of Hydraphur – a rivalry for Rogue Trader

Rival-a-Day, Day 12

Seventh Sun
Unable to maneouvre, the cruiser Seventh Sun is trapped in a wide orbit around the central star of an uninhabited system. Every 57 years, her orbit brings her close to the no less heavily damaged and drifting Secret of Hydraphur, the ship which originally chased her here and brought her to battle. As the 22nd Swing-By approaches, the crew of the Seventh Sun, low on ammunition for the remaining macro weapons, prepares to use the last of their ship’s shuttle craft to board the hereditary enemy.

Secret of Hydraphur
On its preordained trajectory, the Secret of Hydraphur closes in on the foe for the 22nd time. As this happens, the radical vengeance cults on board clamour ever louder for re-awakening the terrible spirits resting beyond the emergency shutdown seals of the great reactors, so that, in the moment of closest proximity, both vessels may be consumed by the wrathful plasma.

I cycled through different ideas for the two crew’s plans (and situations), including things like jury-rigged chemical thrusters to ram the enemy, breaking out atomics of questionable maintenance state, or a genuine offer of peace. Also, I was toying around with describing both ships as lacking some resource the other still has in abundance, implying that together they could survive or even escape their current situation.

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