Days of Ruin: Temple of Snakes – a ruin for SLA Industries

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 13: SLA Industries.

Temple of Snakes

Discovered during an archaeological dig on Thebia, the so called temple of snakes is among the best preserved Shade ruins known among the World of Progress. The complex owes its name to one of its inner chambers, in which resting on their coiled snake tails on two rows of plinths a collection of Shade warmachines was found. Masses of coiling cables cover the floor and run along the central aisle of the chamber, connecting the plinths and their occupants to a raised platform at the far end of the chamber. A large empty socket on the platform is currently believed to be intended to mount some sort of advanced power source.

Inserting an appropriate Shade power core or wiring up another energy source to the central socket activates all 24 of the warmachines.

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