Armour of Assured Survival – an enchantment for D&D

28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: Armour as the better part of valor as the 16th enchantment

Armour of assured survival
This is an adamantine dwarven armour which additionally protects its wearer as a periapt of wound closure. This additional function does not count as a separate magic item.
Unfortunately, there is a downside to the armour’s excellent protection. Whenever initiative is rolled for combat, the wearer of the armour has to make a Strength save against DC 17 or the armour – with them inside – runs off to safety at full speed…….


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  1. Ich hätte ja erwartet, dass die Rüstung ein intelligenter Gegenstand ist – eine Persönlichkeit und Ziele scheint sie ja schon zu haben…


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