XXI. Paris Air Defense Artillery Regiment – Homer in Warhammer 40,000

A Reading from Homer by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Homer-a-Day, Day 12: Paris

XXI. Paris Air Defense Artillery Regiment
For good or ill, the regiment is more associated with the failings of its commanding officers than with the impressive qualities of its soldiers. Drawn from the innumerable scions of the endlessly branching side lines of the planetary royal houses, the soldiers of the XXI. excel not only as air defense crews but also in using their Hydras’ cannon in directly engaging enemy armour over open sights at great risk to themselves and their vehicles. Such skill and bravery, however, make less of an impression on the high command and adepts than do the shortsighted, careless, even frivolous and wholly unauthorised actions of the regiment’s commanders, which have resulted more than once in strategic setbacks of staggering magnitude. The regimental leadership’s standing and connections and their claims of divine predestination have so far protected them from any personal consequences.

Home World: Highborn
Commanding Officer: Romantic
Regiment Type: Artillery Regiment, but replace the Basilisk with 1 Hydra per Squad
Doctrines: Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Armour
Drawback: Incompetent Leadership
Total Cost: 12

Standard Regimental Kit: 1 Lascarbine and 4 charge packs, 1 Good Craftsmanship sword, Good Craftsmanship light carapace, 1 pair of magnoculars, field uniform, parade uniform, dress uniform, poor weather gear, rucksack, basic toolkit, mess kit and water canteen, blanket and sleep bag, rechargeable lamp-pack, grooming kit, dog tags, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, 2 weeks’ rations, 1 vox-caster per Squad, and 1 Hydra per Squad.
Favoured Weapon: Missile Launcher, Needle Rifle

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Homer-a-Day – one Homer inspired Warhammer 40,000 article per day, for one month. Pure hubris, incited when a stroll through our own archives led first to reexamining the Odysseus Pattern Astartes Greatbow and then to the exchange quoted above.

Don’t uncork what you can’t contain.

Image: A Reading from Homer by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836–1912).

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