CS1/SLA Industries Miniatures – SHIVER Patrol

After running out of SLA Progressive Collection entries, we continue our SLA Open Day countdown with the first of the boxed sets for the CS1 skirmish game (which is equally useful for the RPG and has us finally shelving our own plans for making paper figure flats), the SHIVER Patrol.

The extended version of the patrol contains one copy of the Downtown SHIVER, as well as two sets each of five SHIVER bodies in different poses (four standing, one kneeling), eleven heads in differents variations, 24 arms, mostly with weapons (or equipment) directly moulded to them, others empty handed, as well as six separate weapons.

Aside from the general quality, the box also demonstrates one of the issues with resin: Especially some of the smaller parts, such as the pacifier batons, are easily damaged. The casting itself is good on the miniatures we received, however, some breakage happened probably during packaging or handling (that the extended box is quite tightly packed with all the resin goodness does not help here). All in all, the issues we encountered are easily fixed, but we think it is still something noteworthy especially compared to the (less tightly packed) Progressive Collection.

The two sets next to each other, one facing front, the other one back:


Our previous presentations:

Progressive Collection:

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