Cloud Dragons – a fantasy myth about dragons

Dragons of June 5/x:

“But why doesn’t every cloud hatch into a dragon?”
“Does every cloud look like a dragon?”
“You see, and that is why they do not hatch.”
“But master, you just told me that all clouds are unborn dragons.”
“Does every egg hatch into a chick?”
“Of course!”
“Are you certain?”
“I am.”
“What about eggs from a flock of hens kept without a rooster?”
“… those don’t hatch. Which is beside the point and has nothing to do with clouds or dragons! You said yourself that dragons are sexless. And that means there are no dragon roosters.”
“But there are humans and human dreams. Because when you look up at the sky and you think you can make out the unborn dragon in the racing clouds, your dream of that dragon rises up and mingles with the cloud and that is when the cloud slowly starts hatching. We ourselves are the dragon roosters, just as the shapes of the clouds are the dragon hens.”
“But – … – but that would mean that without humans there would be no dragons.”
“That is true.”
“Then why do some of them wreak such devastation? Don’t they know our power over them?”
“They understand our power over them very well. It is the very reason they plague us so.”
“But if humans wished to, they could simply destroy them altogether!”
“That, we cannot. Not as long as we fearfully search the heavens for them and flinch from their bulky forms that we think we can spy in the threatening storm clouds.”

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  1. Wie in der Forendiskussion schon angemerkt ist das Gegenstück zum Drachen als Sturmwolke/der Sturmwolke als Drachen und damit dem zerstörerischen Drachenbild natürlich der Drache als Regenwolke und damit als Lebensbringer und Fruchtbarkeitssymbol.

    Das steht so explizit nicht in dem kurzen Dialog, soll dort aber ein wenig durch das “manche von ihnen” impliziert sein.


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