Tower Aerospace Firedrake – a dragon from SLA Industries

Dragons of June 1/x:

Tower Aerospace Firedrake

The Firedrake is a light attack helicopter which is deployed in significant numbers by SLA Industries Company Militia on the War World Charlies Point and used against DarkNight forces and the local rebel groups sponsored by the rival corporation. The Firedrake ows its name to its standard weapons configuration, carrying six rockets each on its stub wings and a chin-mounted automatic grenade launcher, all eqiupped with thermobaric munitions for drastic effect against infantry targets in soft cover or lightly fortified positions.

Type Helicopter Max Speed 700 km/h Skill Pilot, Military Cost 500.000c PV/ID 18/450 Max Crew/Passengers 1/0

FEN 42 Automatic Grenadelauncher
Clip 45 Calibre 40mm(G) ROF 1/2/3 RecoilRange 50m

Thermobaric Grenade, 40mm: Blast Rating 12 PEN 3

Dragonbreath Rocket
Blast Rating* 100 PEN 15 Range 300m

*primary radius 12m, secondary radius 24m

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