Memory Abrasion – sciene-gone-too-far in SLA Industries

Science-gone-too-far in SLA Industries:

Memory Abrasion

Just as humans, stormers and members of other biogenetic species, too, can develop severe psychic defects which massively impair or even totally prevent their further functioning in society and their work as operatives. However, the peculiarities of biogenetic lifeforms’ memory make it possible to employ highly effective therapies which would be impossible to use in humans or other species. By selectively deleting the uppermost layers of their programmable genetic memory, stormers can be ridden of all damage they might have incured from psychic trauma in one fell swoop.

Despite its high efficacy, this therapeutic option is used only sparingly as the abrasion of the defective memory elements may often also result in a loss of other acquired or linked abilities considered useful. As such, it is a question of consideration whether the result of the therapy returns the stormer to a satisfactory level of functionality.

This type therapy is only available on the orders of the Department of Psychology and Psychoses. A stormer who undergoes it, loses all ranks in all mental disadvantages that were acquired after charater generation. He also loses 1 rank in all skills. This cannot reduce skills to below 1 rank.

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