Claw Carnival Dark Vanguard – a pressure suit for SLA Industries

Claw Carnival Dark Vanguard

With the Dark Vanguard, CC presents an universal armoured pressure suit for use in both extreme high and low pressure environments, meaning operations under water as well as in space.

Accordingly, the Dark Vanguard possesses not only an integral powerframe guaranteeing full mobility despite the ultrahard ceramic laminate shell and ball joints as well as uncompromised manual dexterity, but also comes standard with full climate control (PoloFreeze upgrade available at no extra cost under the Racial Equality Program), internal oxygen tanks with a capacity of 36 activity hours and a reserve of 2 rest hours, independently controllable high power spotlights with VarioSpectral technology mounted on the helmet and over the backs of both hands, continuously variable visor polarization, and three redundant codex control computers in failover configuration with Reality Overlay interface for controlling suit functions and with 8 plus 8 chippy ports for the integration of additional internal and external attachments such as biomonitors, injectors, communication equipment, sensors, flitter backpacks or hydrojets.

The internal power supply is good for 8,000 hours of use, powering both the powerframe as well as all on-board systems.

The Dark Vanguard is available either in infrablack or in Claw Carnival’s trademark pink.

Claw Carnival offers the Dark Vanguard for 9,000c. Thanks to Claw Carnival’s partnership with Dark Frontiers, the Dark Vanguard is available to registered Dark Frontiers Contract Killers at the phenomenal discounted price of just 5,900c (only applicable for contestants booked for a Dark Frontiers match within 21 days of the sale).

Dark Vanguard PV 11 ID Head 90 Torso 230 Arms 170 Legs 200

The Dark Vanguard negates the automatic point of damage from non-penetrating hits.

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