The Folding Knife – a cult artefact for SLA Industries

knifeThe Folding Knife – also referred to in some testimonies as the Bleeding Knife – is an alleged cult artefact said to be able to ‘cut through space and time’ to reach distant places in a manner that analysts have compared to Reality Folding Ebb effects.

The existence of such an artefact is highly contested, especially as expert investigators from the Department of Ebb working on an extended Jade BPN were unable to find any traces of Flux emanations connected to reported sites and incidents involving the knife.

Nevertheless, both the Department of Ebb and Cloak Division, together with other, more shadowy elements of the SLA Industries security apparatus, have placed the Folding Knife high on their cult-related alert lists. They are following up on any surfacing leads and offering substantial standing rewards for hard evidence of the blade’s existence and location or eventual capture.

Game Effects
The folding knife counts as a regular knife in combat.

A character may use it to attack the air – or rather the space – in front of him, cutting a gash into reality. If the attack is successful (requiring the standard 11+ roll), it results in the immediate manifestation of an effect equivalent to an ebb reality fold. The rank of this effect is equal to the damage caused by the attack. There is no associated FLUX cost. Concentration is not required.

A cultist tries to use the folding knife to escape from the operatives who cornered him. The cultist has Strength 6 (Damage Bonus 2) and the Blade, 1H skill at rank 5. He uses his first available phase to attack space. He rolls a 16, giving him an end result of 21 on the to-hit roll. Damage is calculated as 1 (from the knife’s damage rating) +2 (strength-based bonus) +1 (for a to-hit result 1 point over 20) = 4. The knife thus manifests a rank 4 Reality Folding effect. This turns out to be Jump Port 4, which allows him to port an object to him, but does not aid him in escaping. So, on his next phase, he tries again, while the operatives outside his door prepare to charge in …

Using the folding knife does not leave any traces detectable with the Detect Ebb ability.

Witnessing the folding knife being used to cut open space causes Stress (1 AS, 2 PS). This is especially disconcerting to members of the Ebon races who suffer an additional 2 PS.

It is not necessary to learn a specific skill, power or similar to use the folding knife.

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