Mutaflux – Dark Lament fuck-ups for SLA Industries, part 3

Logo_RSPKarnevalSure, Dark Lament has its share of Necanthropes going crazy or rogue, but if entire projects backfire in some spectacular fashion, it is always Karma who end up in the line of fire.

Does really just the biogenetics department have such a bad track record while the Ebb users can do no wrong?

Where are they, the Dark Lament equivalents to the artificial lifeforms reproducing uncontrollably, to the soul-eating rotting killer cyborgs, or the psychotic blind dog monsters?

We went looking for them:


These defective Flux Gems loose their charge over time. The unfiltered Flux leaking from them, may cause mental and physical changes in people who are exposed to these emanations for extended periods of time.

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