The Butcher’s Altar – an artifact for SLA Industries

The Butcher’s Altar

After centuries of acidic rain, there is little left to tell that this worn concrete slab once served as a butcher’s block, the Downtown flesh factory around it having long since fallen into disuse and ruin.

However, the ever present threat of the wild carnivorous pigs which still roam around the ancient site have kept it’s original use present in the collective memories of local Downtown inhabitants, and over the centuries a body of dark legends has developed around it. As is so often the case, those legends might not be entirely unfounded.

Game Use
If a pig kills a creature on the butcher’s altar, it receives a +2 bonus to all stats and suffers no negative effects from wounds, both for the duration of one day.

If the killed creature is a human or frother, all other pigs which are present during the sacrifice gain the same benefits. The duration of the effects extends to one week.

If the creature is killed with some sort of butcher’s tool (such as a boltgun or a cleaver), the stat bonus is increased to +5 and wound effects are reversed (i.e., wounds confer positive modifiers and bleeding increases Hits). The duration of the effects and the pigs affected are determined as above.

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