“Love Your Enemy” Reviews’ Week – Part 2: Unknown Armies

Not so much in spite but rather because of my hate of reviews do I currently try a different approach to the topic: Rather than reviews of rpgs, I am looking at reviews within rpgs.

What functions could reviews have in Unknown Armies for example?

The Reviewer, or rather The Critic, could probably make for a workable archetype but let’s give centerstage to adepts for once. For bibliomancers, reviews are mostly one thing – magickal weapons for fighting other bibliomancers. After all, if you can’t have a book, why should they be allowed to enjoy its power?

Devastating Review
Cost: 2 significant charges
Effect: A bibliomancers may use this spell to make a book unusable to another bibliomancer. To achieve this, he had to obtain a copy of the book in question and write a scathing review of it. He then has to deliver a copy of this review to the target (emailing it or stuffing a crumpled page into the targets pocket are perfectly acceptable and neither has the target to actually read the text) and invest the necessary charges. As soon as this is done, copies of the book no longer count as part of the target’s library, neither for storing charges (this may lead to a loss of exisiting charges as described under book theft) nor for any other purpose.

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