Wounds and Initiative Chart

damage previewFor all you Blue Planet players out there here is a handy guide for initiative and Damage systems. The game system on the surface appears to work from a simple roll under mechanic. This is generally true, but for damage and combat they go from GM arbitrated modifiers to a specific rules set.
Having a rules summary has always been handy, which is why we get GM screens. Players have been expected to learn the rules or rely on the GM’s knowledge. WFRP 3rd changed that with the creation of character cards to track the variations of each character. A complaint against this is they take up to much room, however they do speed up the learning curve, which is why I am in favour of them. Especially by giving an easy reference with how one rule works alongside another without trawling through the rulebook. Picking which essential rules the players need to know was the genesis of the idea, so post a comment if you have any feedback on the sheet or issues I have mentioned.

Damage & Initiative as pdf file: Damage & Initiative.

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