Kovshova and Captain Anton Michailovich Damov – ships and captains for The Red Star


The Kovshova is an overstriker of the Red Fleet. She belongs to a type designed for anti-skyship missions, carrying a single isolator tunnel in its nose, backed by heavy missile armament. To best utilize the strong sorcery corps complement neccessary due to the isolator tunnel, the defensive loadout consists mostly of protocol weapons.

Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Damage Reduction
Beam Overstriker 500 100 6,000 tons -8 -8 210 (21) 2 40 (+8)
Name Hit Points Size Weight Hardpoints Purchase DC Restriction Weapons Extras
Beam Overstriker 300 C 30,000 tons 50 (0) 54 Mil (+3) Isolator tunnel; arc-firing protocol mount (10); BHX Rykov hook missile (25), medium Shadow anti-aircraft missile (15) Protocol-reinforced armor, protocol shielding systems, Crypsis systems

…and captains

Captain Anton Michailovich Damov
Anton Michailovich (Red Fleet Officer level 4) would have made a better party secretary than officer. His cautious and overly pedantic character make him to one of the worst possible commanders for a vessel like the Kovshova, that depends on aggressive action to make the most of her potential.

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The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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