The Migratory Birdgolem and the Golem Master – flyers and pilots for Beutelschneider


The Migratory Birdgolem
This giant statue has a dove’s head and is bound with heavy chains of gold. If the chains are released, which requires their full worth of three coins to be sacrificed, the statue rises into the air and flies back to the place where it was built. Regardless of distance, it will arrive at its destination at the second next twilight.

…and pilots

The Golem Master
The bag of this arcane sculptor contains 20 marbles: 1 red ones, 7 green ones, 7 blue ones and 5 white ones.

Stone Compass: With a successful mixed challenge against magic and skill, the golem master can alter a migratory birdgolem so that it will fly towards another destination than its place of creation.

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