Devil Ray and Victoria Bonnaterre – flyers and pilots for CthulhuTech


Devil Ray
The Devil Ray is a heavy amphibious fighter bomber used by the EOD for top cover and inland strikes, as well as insertions of small power armored terror raid and sabotage teams.

Type: Amphibious Fighter Bomber
Size: Large (36 ft.)
Passengers: 1 crew, plus 2 tiny powered armors
Cargo: 11.6 cubic feet/298 lbs.

Control Response (Agility) 0
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 4
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) 0
Warning Systems (Reflex) 0

Sensory Systems
Long Range
Targeting +1

Support Systems
Cold Resistance
Depth Reinforcement
Life Support
Life Support Pod

Air Speed: 900 mph (2220/540 ypt)
Water Speed: 180 mph (444/108 ypt)
Acceleration Code: E (3/3)

Integrity 15
Armor 1/1

Weapon Systems
Amphibious Laser Cannon (Large)
2 Amphibious Torpedo Pods (Large)
2 Long-Range Missile Racks (Large)

…and pilots

Victoria Bonnaterre
Victoria is a hybrid combat pilot for the EOD who received her training at the unwitting hands of the NEG after she infiltrated their armed forces as a recruit. Since graduating and returning to the fold of the EOD, she has come across and killed former class comrades over the battlefield more than once.

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