F/A-1 Strikefire and Major Rebecca Zenner – flyers and pilots for CthulhuTech


F/A-1 Strikefire
The F/A-1 Strikefire is a strike variant of the NEG’s F-1 Spitfire air superiority fighter. The aircraft’s prized speed is put to excellent effect in this new role, allowing extremely rapid reaction to requests for CAS from forward units.

The F/A-1 replaces the F-1’s missile racks with two large rocket pods. Apart from this change in weapons, it is identical to the F-1.

…and pilots

Major Rebecca Zenner
Major Zenner is a veteran of the Aeon War, having fought against the NEG’s various enemies on practically all terrestrial fronts of the conflict. Her current assignment is as a F/A-1 pilot as part of the NES Kirishima’s air group, mostly engaged against the Rapine Storm of whom she has nightmarish memories dating back to her time on the European front. This has the experienced pilot act uncharacteristically reckless to the detriment of both her mission performance and the safety of her less skilled wingmen.

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