(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Lunar Pirates – a pirate for Unknown Mobile Suit

Day 21: Unknown Mobile Suit

Lunar Pirates
The declaration of neutrality by the lunar cities combined with the absence of actual lunar security forces created a de facto legal vacuum across large swathes of the moon’s surface for the better part of the One Year War. While the lunar cities as a while benefitted greatly from their new position, there was still significant economic upheaval and wide scale destruction caused by the war. It was this constellation then, that gave rise to a special form of low level wartime “lunar piracy”, which saw small bands of disenfranchised lunarians using light shuttlecraft to harass and raid transport lanes and construction sites between the lunar cities, mostly aiming to rob money and valuables, less often going for transported goods, heavy equipment or hostages.

If there are moon princesses, there have to be moon pirates as well. Also, once more some first thougts on an area not well covered by the common Gundam source material – potential effects of the sudden departure of military and security forces from the moon in a time of economic chaos created by the war. Perhaps we will have to take another look at some character or other being rerouted over the moon on a trip back to the homeland…

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