Ad-Blog plus, the Accounting – one month RPG-a-Day-Alternative-a-Day 2018

So, what are the final results of this year’s alternate August activity (explanations here and here, as well as here in German but including logos)?

Ad-Blog plus aimed at creating classified ads from/for RPG settings.

A total of 6 German blogs participated, contributing published 124 classified ads spread over 54 articles.

In the last three days these were in order of publication:

  1. Ad-Blog plus: Finest wares at smallest prices! – a classified ad for Earthdawn (d6ideas)
  2. Ad-Blog plus: Bulletin Board VIII (Talasu) – in German
  3. Ad-Blog plus: Urgently needed: – a classified ad for Shadowrun (d6ideas)
  4. Ad-Blog Plus – 31 Kleinanzeigen (Merimac) – in German
  5. Ad-Blog plus: There are still free places on the flower arrangement course. – a classified ad for Nobilis (d6ideas)

Overviews of the first four weeks including links to all articles can be found here:

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
  4. Week 4

The ads are spread across 17 different settings (plus a couple generic ads). Shadowrun has the most ads at 54, followed by Earthdawn at 14, then the generic ads at 13, Transhuman Space at 10, and Buchhaim at 9. The remaining 13 settings have only between 1 and 4 ads each.

Some additional comments on the great contributions from the other German blogs is available in the – surprise! – German version of the article.

Until next August. When it will again be time to rise against RPG-a-Day.

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  1. Danke dir für die Idee und das Thema und natürlich auch die Organisation. Und natürlich auch besten Dank an Spiele im Kopf für die tollen Logos die man verwenden konnte.

    Es sind ein paar interessante Sachen zusammen gekommen. Ich bin schon auf das nächste Jahr gespannt.


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