A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 27: Red Summer – a summer day for SLA Industries

Day 27: SLA Industries

Red Summer
The unexplainable oppressive heat that lies over the sector warrants an investigation. Careful environmental survey and mapping will be able to determine a centre from from which the heat emanates, in pulses as if it were a giant beating heart. The inside of the warehouse is unbearably hot and humid, a jungle thicket of strange trees and vines almost no one on Mort will be able to identify for what they are – maggrot. Black flux gems, sending out waves of red thermal ebb at a steady coordinated pace, hang in the trees like overripe fruit. The Ashan gardeners will not be pleased if anyone tries to interrupt them on the day of harvest, when they are about to collect the gems and then burn the telltale wooden heart of their operation to cinders.

I wanted to do something with red thermal and summer, but it took a while to connect the idea with the Ashans’ predilection for this ability.

I also changed the first sentence a bit to make it clearer that there is a BPN in there, though I liked the original wording better.

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