A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 26: A Summer Day in Nilanir – a summer day for Freeya/D&D

Day 26: Freeya

A Summer Day in Nilanir
Summer is campaign season in the Nilanese civil war. Under threat by the Elysians to the north, the Nilanese warrior dynasties keep their internal struggle at low level, not wanting it to become known or to consume too many resources, so that they can still pretend to be united and maintain sufficient strength to secure the border. For these reasons, instead of full scale campaigns, small prearranged battles are the dominant form of warfare in Nilanir’s internecine conflict, playing out across the mosaic of Nilanese territories during the summer months, each battle fought for carefully negotiated objectives. Also on this particular day in summer, as thirty warriors of the tiger dynasty, led by a cleric of Stri, take their positions across the field from their opposing twenty warriors od the wasp dynasty including a small group of rangers and two druids, with possession of the village to the Wasps’ backs as the stake.

Putting to trial some of the more general thoughts on Nilanese warrior dynasties and their low intensity civil war.

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