899 Molotov Stormer – an artificial race for SLA Industries

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEdition899 Molotov Stormer

The 899 “Molotov” Stormer is a specialist military model not cleared for deployment on industrial worlds. Mounting two organic flamethrowers, it is an early test for biogenetic ranged weapons.

The flamethrowers use flammable secretions which can be sprayed from ducts in the Stormer’s palms. To allow for multiple shots, the secretions are stored in large specialised organs within the Stormer’s torso. From they are pumped through a redundant network of vessels running under the skin into the arms. Serious injuries run the risk of damaging the storage organs which may even lead to an explosion of the Stormer.

Due to the short range of its integrated weapons, the 899 was also designed for high ground speed and equipped with melee enhancement.


STR 16
DEX 12


Normal 25+2xSTR
Half x3
No x6

Walk 1
Run 1.5
Sprint 4

Base Skills:

Unarmed Combat (STR) Rank 2
SLA Info (KNOW) Rank 1
Auto/Support (PHYS) Rank 2
Evaluate Opponent (KNOW) Rank 1
Intimidate (CHA) Rank 1
Run (PHYS) Rank 1

Special Abilities/Natural Weapons:

Stormer Regeneration
As Malice.

Stormer Claws
As Malice.

Enhanced Teeth
DAM 3 PEN 1 AD 1

Biogenetic Flamethrowers
The flamethrowers use the following rules:

Clip 10 (2×5) Calibre – ROF 2/1 Recoil – Range 5m Radius 1m

After the initial hit, the sticky flame secretions continued to cause damage for another two rounds.

Hit DAM 7 PEN 4 AD 3
Burn DAM 3 PEN 3 AD 3

“Ammunition” is constantly produced by the same overclocked metabolism that also feeds the Stormer’s regeneration. As long as the Stormer is not injured, he generates one shot worth of secretions (up to the maximum of ten, five each for the left and right flamethrowers) in each bookkeeping phase in which it would normally regenerate. If the Stormer is injured, healing takes priority and no ammunition is replenished.

(There are experimental drugs to suppress this safety feature. Currently, these prevent any form of regeneration for two hours without impairing the production of secretions. The goal is to have this as a repriorisation instead, with regeneration kicking in again as long as the storage organs are sufficiently filled.)

If the Molotov takes a wound in the torso with the to hit roll showing matching numbers, the secretions catch fire within the storage organs. This is treated as a grenade explosion with a blast rating equal to the total number of flamethrower shots currently available (this is for both flamethrowers combined). The Stormer is treated as being in the exact epicentre of the explosion (which it actually is), resulting in increased damage. The chances for the Stormer’s survival in such a scenario are thus predictably slim, unless the flamethrowers were very close to running dry.

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