750 – new year, new milestone

All that scratching out business grows rather tiresome.

The first week of 2017 has scarcely passed and already we hit another milestone in regard to our article count.

As in the prior “analyses” (big word!) upon hitting 500 articles and 600 articles/5 years we take a look at the distribution of our articles across gaming material versus other stuff.

The 150 new articles (including this one, number 750) are distributed as follows:

116 articles qualify as material.
24 articles do not qualify as material.
10 articles are inbetween.

That gives us 77 – 84 % of “material”, an increase both at the low (not counting inbetweens as material) and the high (counting inbetweens) end.

In total, 526 material articles and 94 borderline articles yield 70,1 – 82,7 %.

Ever so slowly, the 90% crawls closer… …or so it seems.

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