377 Spite Stormer – an artificial race for SLA Industries

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEdition377 Spite Stormer

The 377 Spite was an extremely early variant of the ubiquituous 313 Malice Stormer. Spites were included in the second wave of clean up operations at the end of the Conflict Wars, after the warring civilisations had been betrayed by their legions of 313s provided by SLA Industries.

Physically, the 377s were slightly less formidable than their older brethren but their biogenetic make-up and programmed minds provided them with an exceptional degree of resistance against outside mental interference. This allowed them to prevail against the host of alien species which had developed means of mental attacks or relied on psychological manipulation.

After the downfall and destruction of the Conflict Societies and the dawn of the World of Progress these abilities became less vital but low level production of the 377 Spite was continued with some of the Stormers being released for operative training.


STR 15
DEX 11

Base Skills:

Cleanse (CONC) rank 2
Detect (DIA) rank 1
Intimidate (DIA) rank 1
Evaluate Opponent (KNOW) rank 2
SLA Info (KNOW) rank 1
Unarmed Combat (STR) rank 1

Special Abilities:

Stormer Regeneration
377 Spite Stormers regenate as 313 Malice Stormers.

A succesful Cleanse roll allows a 377 Spite to shake off the effects of Ebb powers, drugs or other sources of mental influence. For multiple effects, each effect requires a separate roll. Cleanse rolls may be made each end phase.

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