1000 Articles – Fireworks!

The last week of 2017 sees us reaching 1000 articles.

As when we reached 500 articles, 600 articles, and, in the first week of 2017, 750 articles, we take a look at the distribution of our articles across gaming material versus other stuff.

The 250 new articles (including this one, number 1000) are distributed as follows:

188 articles qualify as material.
32 articles do not qualify as material.
30 articles are inbetween.

That gives us 75.2 – 87.2 % of “material”, a decrease at the low (not counting inbetweens as material) but an increase at the high (counting inbetweens) end.

In total, 714 material articles and 124 borderline articles yield us 71.4 – 83.8 % overall.

Counting beans! So exciting!


  1. sagt man da jetzt glückwunsch? waren auf jedenfall ein paar interessante sachen dabei.


    1. Da sage ich auf jeden Fall einmal Danke!


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