Ten Interpretations

10 Dinge zum 10.
…of a museum exhibit:

  • A shaktar sewing machine (for ritual scarves)
  • A wraith raider scratching post
  • One of the chairs in the House of Renunciation you will have to sit on
  • A D-NOTICE relic
  • A Suel iron golem
  • An Adeptus Mechanicus gundog (the constructs controlling canine cortex is housed in the hemisphere at the back)
  • A schmeisserschleicher (AC 8, HD 1, Move 30′, surprises on 1-4, 3 missile attacks dealing 1d6 damage, no melee ability)
  • A gnomish anti-spelljammer-flak (the gnome gunner is sitting with their head in the bowl using a sort of HUD)
  • A mindflayer mouth and tentacle care implement
  • The Spartan-300 is the signature weapon of notorious HOLY JIHAD, Old Brooklyns angriest contract killer

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