10 BTLs for Shadowrun VII

10 Dinge zum 10.
>>>[I am fed up with it. Woke up drenched. For some reason, I dreamt that I had to work with her on a job. And the client forced me to watch her work. I need to zone out.

  • Awakened Bunny Hop, Jump Around
  • Bubbly Laughter, Bloodsplatters everywhere!!! 🙂
  • Deep Caves 87, Running Free
  • HV Memory Displacement, Cyber-Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, vol. VIII
  • Knochenbremser, Troll beim Kieferorthopäden
  • LeftRightCentre, Toenails
  • NX Pulse, Confession (through shattered teeth)
  • raspberry crush, plain vanilla
  • Sarah Sierra, Bright as Day
  • The Sgt. Anderson Estate, Grit

I am cold.]<<< -Fed Up With It

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Part VI.

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