10 BTLs for Shadowrun VI

10 Dinge zum 10.
>>>[I am fed up with it. Why do you always come to me with your dead kids? Perhaps I should start spouting some stupid “no children” rule. But who knows what the universe would think of next in that case.

  • Alligator Twins, Pump It Up XXV
  • Cuty Pie, Dead Baby Magnet
  • Pheromone Replacement Therapy, Reverse Blender Xperience (remastered)
  • PPX, collapsed left lung
  • Shinto Hackers, Mountain
  • Slender Kali, eustress
  • Something Blue, All Crisp and Proper
  • Superintendent Peters, dark and mouldy corners of a mind best left undisturbed
  • Reality Breaks, cracking
  • Tender, bare & legal

Do I attract that somehow?]<<< -Fed Up With It

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Part II,
Part III,
Part IV.
Part V.

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