10 BTLs for Shadowrun II

10 Dinge zum 10.
>>>[I am fed up with it. Honestly. “Someone with my unique combination of talents”! Sure. At least it wasn’t “a chance to combine work and play” or something equally gruesome. Just say it out loud, you need a chiphead to slot that stuff and tell you if what is on there was faked.

Quick inventory before the session:

  • Bucktoothed Spider, Thrilled (overlay)
  • Donna M, Past You K/Now
  • King of Days, Moment of Waking
  • OOBE, breathe, damn you! – going flatline
  • Palomino, Last Second
  • Piper, dust rmx
  • Prince Betty, Flower Flash 58
  • r., test test
  • Synaptic Strobe, Absence of Light (Beyond Dark IIb)
  • The Watchmakers, Silver Thread

Pay be damned. I am not going to slot “test test” without some lead up and certainly not without something cleansing as a follow up. Not if I am right about who “r.” is. Fake. Sure. Hope still dies last, I guess.]<<< -Fed Up With It

Part I.

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