Ur versus Quin – a rivalry for Earthdawn

Rival-a-Day, Day 10

The windling Urquin was a skilled wrestler and a questor of Thystonius. He was caught and imprisoned by a horror, which sought to drive him into madness and despair by denying him, as a devotee of the passion of strength and conflict, the chance to test and exert his strength inside his cage. When Urquin began to pull at his own limbs with all his might, the vile creature seemed to have won, but Thystonius was with his questor when he succeeded in his test of strength and ripped himself in two along with his own name.

For as long as he can remember, the windling Quin is enganged in a continuous wrestling match with his brother Ur in honour of Thystonius. Their fight fills the brothers’ hearts and minds, leaving no room for thought about their imprisonment or feelings of despair. Once their cage will be broken, they will fall into one another’s arms, laughing, and look out onto a world, ready to seek out and accept any challenge it may throw at them.

This is one of those articles which started as something completely different.
Also, the double format with two separate texts I settled on for Rival-a-Day really shows its limits here.

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