Thunderer – an artificial race for SLA Industries


Project Thunder was a sister project of Project Storm. Like its famous sibling, it was tasked with developing artificial soldiers. However, as with any other such experiment, the successfully planned and realised bodies of the “Thunderers” remained lifeless in absence of a soul.

Then, just as the project was to be closed down following the phenomenal breakthrough of the Karma group, the remaining Thunderer constructs came to life. The unpredicted distant effect of the Deathwake experiments conducted by Project Storm had somehow also touched the Project Thunder site.

The humanlike Thunderers were used in an experimental role and for special operations. Mass production and the attention of the Head Office remained exclusive to the new Stormers, though.


STR 12
DEX 12
DIA 10


Normal 20+2xSTR
Half x3
No x6

Walk 0.5
Run 1
Sprint 2

Base Skills:

Intimidate (DIA) Rang 1
Tactics (DIA) Rang 1
Evaluate Opponent (KNOW) Rang 2
SLA Info (KNOW) Rang 1
Rival Company (KNOW) Rang 1
Unarmed Combat (STR) Rang 2

Special Abilities/Natural Weapons:

Shock Immunity
Thunderers do not take wounds and thus are not subject to wound modifiers or other effects caused by wounds. They are not subject to shock.

Thunderer Configuration
For purposes of determining implant effects, the characertistics maximums of Thunderers are treated as if they were two points higher.

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