Legend of the 5 Rings

Fate of the Five Rings

In general, the Fate-family does not rank particularly high on my priority list. However, there are concepts which almost audibly call out for Fate to be used. Fate of the […]

Blades of the Five Rings

Since I like Rokugan and I don’t enjoy the direction FFG went with in their revival, I did what all people should do, and tried to create something with Rokugan […]

Unknown Rokugan

Playing in Rokugan, but with Unknown Armies 3 rules. Unknown Rokugan. The Basics We are using the Unknown Armies 3rd edition rules more or less unchanged. Obviously, there are no […]

Bitter Betrothal

Lightning and thunder Rain drops refusing to fall Our bed remains cold The most important rules for Legend of the Five Rings, no matter the edition, are the rules of […]

d6ideas dice 4

Norbert Matausch asked in his German blog the question: which ten printed RPG books would you keep, if you had to go into exile. Hasran, blut_und_glas, Dave, yandere and yennico […]