Shade Warmachine – an artificical opponent for SLA Industries

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEditionShade Warmachine

The unnamed warmachines of the Shade were the foot soldier of this enigmatic species during the long dark days of the Conflict Wars. As such, they were also the face the Shade presented to the wartorn Known Universe.

“Foot soldiers”, though, is something of a misnomer, for the robotic warmachine possessed a humanoid torso sporting two arms and crowned with a head containing their main sensors and processors but instead of legs this was carriedby a long segmented snake’s tail, which propelled them forward at surprising speeds.

Parts and pieces of warmachines are perhaps the most common archaeological finds associated with the Shade. Even some complete specimens are known to exist. However, without their advanced powercores, which have long since been completely drained, they remain just as dead as their vanished masters.

STR 18
DEX 12

Walk 2.5
Run 3
Sprint 3.5

PV 16

Total ID 90
Head 30
Body 90
Arms 45
Tail 60

Auto/Support 11
Detect 6
Evaluate Opponent 6
Rifle 11
Tactics 4
Unarmed Combat 11

Claws DAM 8 PEN 6 AD 2
Tail slap DAM 12 PEN 0 AD 8

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