Secret Santicore

d6ideas dice1It doesn’t matter how creative you are, you will probably find yourself asking for input or presenting your unfinished work to others. We do that so people can give us a clue how to continue or even change the direction in which we a currently heading. It is just normal and our frinds and those close to us in our communities are the natural first target for such attacks.

But let’s be honest, I usually know pretty well what my friends will be telling me even without asking them. Usually, I have a good understanding what some of my friends might enjoy, hate or simply don’t care for. Most of the time, their reactions and direction are still valuable, but sometimes it might be better to ask a complete stranger about his opinion to spark our creativity.

Probably all of you have heard about the Secret Santicore; and if you you haven’t, I’ll explain it anyway…

The idea is simple.

You are active online and you send out a request. The request will be send to another participant and they will work out this request. You will recieve a request in return and in the end all ideas are given form. Probably a form you wuldn’t have imagined, but that is the fun part of the whole event, isn’t it?

Greifenklaue proposed we could copy this really clever format and adapt is for the German language area. And what can I say, we from d6ideas are on board and hope to contribute to making the first installment of “Wunsch ist Wunsch” a success. Starting next week, with the first of two requests forwarded to us as a group.

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