MS-06FR Zaku II Mobility Enhanced “Green Ghost” and Chief Petty Officer Kenneth “Green Ghost” Erbbrand – flyers and pilots for Unknown Mobile Suit


MS-06FR Zaku II Mobility Enhanced “Green Ghost”
The “Green Ghost” is an MS-06F fitted with the enhanced thruster backpack of an R-1A. Hidden amongst a group of regular Zaku II, this mobility enhanced mobile suit has proven an unwelcome surprise for the Eart Federation on several occassions when straying near Pezun.

…and pilots

Chief Petty Officer Kenneth “Green Ghost” Erbbrand
The “Green Ghost” is a former MS-technician turned MS-pilot while stationed at the Pezun asteroid fortress and finally MS-ace at the controls of the Zaku II he modified himself.

Obsession: Waste not want not
Rage: Wasting
Fear: Age (Helplessness)
Noble: Animal protection

Violence: 4 hardened, 0 failed
Incomprehension: 2 hardened, 0 failed
Helplessness: 1 hardened, 2 failed
Isolation: 1 hardened, 0 failed
Self: 1 hardened, 0 failed

Technician 80%* (Substitutes for: Knowledge, Features: Resists Helplessness, substitutes for Notice)
Dog person 40% (Substitutes for: Contact, Features: Substitutes for Pursuit, evaluates Isolation)

Green Ghost 60% (Protégé)
Prof. R. Hamasaki 45% (Mentor)
Joel Nighting 60% (Favorite)

Wound threshold: 50

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