Interdimensional Emporium of Fantastic Footwear: The Thing in the Shoe – a shoe for Beutelschneider

Fantastische Schuhe
Day 27: Beutelschneider

The Thing in the Shoe
The bag of this ambushing crustacean contains 5 marbles: 2 red, 2 green and 1 black.

Poisonous: Anyone wounded by the thing in the shoe immediately has their life threatened (three marbles).

Ambush Predator: Anyone trying to put on a shoe in which the thing in the shoe lives is immediately attacked by it without a chance to defend themselves (the attack is performed as a challenge with five marbles instead of as a contest) as the thing tries to cut off (and eat) their foot.

Boot Shell: Shoes used as a shell by a thing in the shoes are often magical or otherwise especially precious or durable. They are worth at least one coin. As a special privilege from the coins (shoes) thus protecting it, the thing in the shoe may ignore one black marble it draws for every coin.

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