Editorial: Help Wanted

d6ideas dice2Just a short question before we go over the (short) list of our articles for the last week of May.

I just finished re-reading The Maxx (Wikipedia) and I am hooked again.

Like many gamers (I guess), I am suffering from that condition that makes us want to port good things we read or see over to the gaming table immediately.

While I am pretty sure that the episode will pass, I am currently being haunted by that one question:

What system do I use to adequately capture the series?

Any suggestions welcome. (But please refrain from mentioning Heroes & Heroines.)

Our last two articles for May (quite a lot of 2’s rolled this month):

English articles
On Tuesday, we won’t see The Maxx, but at least the d20 MAKS. A short collection of house rules for use with aircraft in the d20 Modern vehicle system.

German articles
On Thursday, yennico asks What is …? in German.

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