The Circling of the Square

Alignments without Neutrality. Without the central of the nine component squares what remains is a ring of eight outer alignments. A circle. Without the qualifier as “neutral” the remaining four “pure” alignments become absolute. Four cardinal points on the alignment circle: Absolute Good, Absolute Evil, Absolute Chaos, Absolute Order. (Total. Total would fit as well. Especially for Order of course.)

Derivation: The wider the circle, the more (or rather: the easier identifiable) points between the four Abolutes. Life, the universe become ever more complex. The circle grows. Within: The Past. Without: The Future. (Its center: The Beginning. Nothing. The punctiform universe of the Big Bang.)

The past within us.
the future beyond us.

The flickering lifeline of alignment over the expanding ripple of time.


    1. Das neutral chaotisch Gute.

      Aber eigentlich wäre das alles mehr Gesinnungskurs: Chaotisch chaotisch-gut.

      (Oh! Ein Gesinnungskompass!)


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