FW Galleon

Galleon vans offer a fully configurable interior, and so are easily transformed from roomy family cars to delivery vehicles to personnel transporters to operative surveillance units. The Galleon is fusion […]

FW Qrab

The Qrab is a solid compact car of modern construction. The economic fusion engine provides sufficient energy for 15000 hours of use, the laminate frame makes for a safe ride, […]

Vibro Scalpel

Vibro scalpels today belong to a surgeon’s standard tools. Their cutting power is especially useful in dealing with the extremely robust tissues of some alien and practically all biogenetic races, […]

MJL Power Lance

MJL opens a new field in melee weapons with their Power Lance design. While the Power Lance can be used as a normal polearm, striking and thrusting with its powered […]

TIB Glass Knife

With the Glass Knife newcomer The Invisible Blade (TIB) makes a furious entry into the hotly contested bladed weapons market. The unpowered weapon applies advanced cutting surface technologies to a […]


Another older design, the SLA-P got phased out as a standard semi-automatic pistol for operative use early in the 9th century SD. A solid firearm manufactured directly by SLA Industries […]

SPIT Pistol

Continuing our stroll through the arsenals of the past we come across the SPIT pistol, little brother to the STRIPPER directed energy assault weapon. Weighing only 2 kg compared to […]

STRIPPER Assault Rifle

Directed energy weapons have gone out of favour in the World of Progress but times were when these weapons dominated battlefields ranging from the blood-soaked plains of War Worlds to […]

Conrad P-008.8

Conrad already was an established arm’s maker long before the rise of SLA Industries. During the conflict war era which preceded the formation of the World of Progress Conrad supplied […]

Karma BioScope

BioScope endoscopes put technology developed in other areas of biogenetic research to medical use. The optical nerves of highly sensitive eyes are threaded through a thin sheath of strong musculature […]