Widening Circles: Kerrick – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the eighteenth day.

Kerrick, the stone on which the sword shatters, is a minor circle deity of Areja. Kerrick was a large stone who since the beginning of time had rested contently on a meadow. Wind and weather, birds and beasts, herders and wanderers could not disturb him. Battles were fought on his meadow, dragons rested their claws on him, and gods stepped over him but none of that bothered Kerrick, the content stone. Then, one day, a family in full flight from pursuers with murder burning in their eyes came running on the meadow. Just as they were about to pass Kerrick, their pursuers were about to overtake them and cut them down deaf to all pleading and cries for mercy. Kerrick rolled. The attackers’ swords shattered on his great grey back that he had so turned into the deadly path of their blows. The attackers clenched their fists and drew their daggers and started to go around Kerrick. Kerrick rolled. The attackers found their own path barred by his mighty grey form. All the while, Areja had stepped onto the meadow behind Kerrick and took the family by their hands and led them away to safety. Turning back to Kerrick, the merciful stone, for a last time, she made the divinity of his selfless deed take root in him.

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