Widening Circles: Kurmuq – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the third day.

Kurmuq is a minor circle deity of Golog. As Golog crossed the glaring desert Kurmuqal, he became aware of the lost, the unfortunates, and the outcasts, who had been driven into the desert or wandered into it. The desert had taken their eyesight but still they did everything to survive within the hostile landscape. Golog sought out the eye searing essence of the desert and breathed his divine miasma into it. The cult of Kurmuq has spread beyond the boundaries of the Kurmuqal and across all of Adraschbar, where its fanatic devotees blind themselves in religious frenzy and their ubiquitous call “seeing is dying” offers promises of an eternal life at the same time as dire threats.

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