A Chiphead’s Christmas Binge, the Thirteenth Day

>>>[I am fed up with it. “Can you do this one next? Really interested in what you think about it.” What did I get myself into? How I do not even want to know.

  • Panzerrunner, Cachectic Overdrive, the deep ocean edit

Okay. Without the original version to compare to, I can’t really fully evaluate the edit but – it’s intense. No doubt about that. I still got palpitations. The body awareness is so damn good, hard to capture something like that. Sorry for raving, but I haven’t come down entirely yet. Good trip. Maybe not for people who do not appreciate the up and down and definitely not for people who don’t want to have that barely perceptible feeling of illness going on. But for someone who has a thing for somatics? Spot on. … Wait a minute.

Wow. An early present. Thanks… I guess?]<<< -Fed Up With It

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