Editorial: New Year’s Pledges

Editorial 01 01 2012There was a grand total of two New Year’s pledges amongst the editors. This might not sound like much, but both of these pledges relate to major changes to d6ideas.

The first pledge is technical in nature. We plan to go from our extended “alpha”-status to a “beta”-stage. This will herald a major upgrade to our software and a redesigned appearance.

The second pledge is related to our name and as such is somewhat of an old concept. In 2012, though, we plan to finally make it a reality: Rolling a d6 for the number of articles each week.

For the first week, the die came up a somewhat boring “4”, thus continuing in the same fashion we let off in 2011 – with four articles, split equally between English and German.

English articles:
Monday will feature a What is …? Article with Shadom delivering the term and the full question reading What is the dark hollow?
On Thursday we present new equipment for SLA Industries in an article about the Department of Ebb Attack and Defense (DEAD).

German articles:
Monday sees the German original of the dark hollow (Was ist die dunkle Senke?).
Thursday on the other hand will feature a translation of the DEAD article.

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