The mIrA Files II – portraits of a Sixth World threat

“You can almost taste it on the physical plane as well, the astral space becoming syrupy when you talk about it. You see this?”

She pressed her hand to his chest, then pulled it slowly away after a moment.

“There are strands of the stuff coming off you aura.”

Bringing the hand up to her own face with a smearing gesture, she exclaimed “You covered my face!” in an fake porny voice, that was so overdone that he winced and she returned to her previous curious mix of intensity and detachment.

“That is your want. Your need. Your desire.”

She sat back down, relieving some of the uncomfortable tension by giving him space again. Reclining in her chair, she crossed her legs and brought her fingers together looking at him.

“I can give you what you want.”

She smiled as the glow in his eyes intensified.

“But I will need something from you in return.”

His suddenly guarded expression elicited a smirk from her.

“Come on, you didn’t really think it would be for free, did you? But don’t worry, the price is probably nothing like what you fear or imagine.”

She made a pause.

“I want you to go without food for three days.”

For emphasis, she held up three fingers of her right hand.

“That includes energizer tabs, caloric drinks, stim shots. Anything that replenishes your energy. You may drink water but that’s it. No additives, no coffee, milk, sugary stuff, no chips or drugs to suppress the hunger, either.”

She seemed lost in thought for a moment.

“I believe the stuff that usually comes with basic bottled water is okay, though. Minerals and such? It doesn’t have to be nothing but H2O molecules. But no special ingredients. At the end of the third day, come back here. I will have what you want – if you come hungry.”

“Calvin? – Listen, I think I will get that thing you asked about. – Yes, the hunger of a rich man. – How I got it? You know better than to ask that, Calvin. Don’t ask don’t tell, remember? I will give you a ring when it’s in. – Yes, you too. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Oh, and Calvin, that offer for the dragon’s nail clippings, it still stands.”

Part one.

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